Sunday, December 16, 2007

A New International Club for Real Millionaires!

Scheduled Millionaire's Clubs from left to right Dubai, Shanghai, Bangkok, Mumbai & Moscow

How does a millionaire show the world that he has really arrived?

Well, he could own a private jet, a super yacht and a luxury car. But then, so can anyone with a couple of bucks to spend. The ultimate in prestige today is membership at the most exclusive Millionaire's Club in the world.

Dr A S Johan and his financial partners are in the process of launching just such an International Millionaire's Club. Already companies and individuals have started enquiring about advance membership booking.

For sure, the limited number of transferable memberships will not be cheap at one million US Dollars each. Furthermore, intending members have to satisfy the membership committee that they are really qualified. As membership is transferable, early members are expected to be able to sell their membership for a substantial profit in the secondary market.

The first few clubs will be located in Dubai, Shanghai, Bangkok, Bombay and Moscow. More Clubs in other cities will follow. Each club will be limited to a maximum of about 250 members. Members have full access to all facilities at all clubs and to have all their international bills payable at the home city club.

For more information, please contact me, Dr A S Johan by email at