Thursday, January 15, 2009

A few investment predictions for this year!

Ok, friends here are some interesting and unusual investment predictions for this year (2009). They have been researched from various information sent to me.

Oil & Gas: Oil prices will keep sliding in the early months of 2009, forcing the price of gasoline at the pump in the USA to as low as $1.15 per gallon. Oil-exploration stocks will also tumble. However, shrewd investors should look for bargains in the rubble, because after this massive shakeout, oil will rebound and soar through $160 a barrel in the following 18 months. I have identified some companies but cannot disclose them here as that may constitute giving investment advice.

Oil Exploration: A small group of speculative drilling stocks clustered near the Arctic Circle may soon explode. But don't bet your mortgage money on them. They rose 118-to-1 in the past and could do so again.

Dow Jones: Much to the surprise of many experts, the Dow will reach 11,000 plus in 2009 and eventually top 22,000 within the next five years. This could give savvy investors a historic opportunity to multiply wealth.

Alternative Energy: An automobile powered by wind-power with a top speed of 40 plus miles an hour will hit the market in 2009. Sales will be modest, but it will establish wind power as the winner in the alternative-energy race. Investors in wind-power stocks will enjoy the initial leg of a multi-year surge that will generate payoffs of $40-to-$1. I’ve found a few ways to play wind power.

Infrastructure: Similar to make-work programs of the 1930s, US President Obama will pour billions into rebuilding the nation's highways, bridges and other ailing infrastructure. Many other countries will be doing the same. I have my eyes on several construction companies whose revenues should benefit but again cannot disclose them for the same reasons offered earlier.

Shipping: The recovery investment of the year will be shipping stocks. After plunging more than 90% in 2008, these stocks are ripe for a major rebound. I have developed two ways to cash in with yield expectations in excess of 20%.

Nanotechnology: Early investors in this field will get an opportunity of enormous proportions, similar to cellular in the 1980s. Some very smart people are calling Nanotechnology the opportunity of the century.

Timber: The hidden resource investment of the decade will be timber. I expect wood will beat both stocks and inflation hands on this year. I’ve found some opportunities, including a way to acquire prime woodland for under $35 an acre.

Water: I predict that a limited war will erupt over water. I’ve found two companies that have positioned themselves several years ago, to exploit the increasing scarcity of nature's most critical resource.

Strategic Metals: Continuing violence in the Congo region will cut off supply of a scarce metal needed by the defense industry. Prices will soar, along with profits, if you’re able to establish a position in this metal now.

End of current recession: The current recession will end around June 2009. However, certain industries would have been decimated and their stocks will be at very low prices. This will increase takeover fever in corporate America. Investors who have taken strategic positions in these takeover targets will reap huge gains. END