Thursday, April 23, 2009

Greetings from China!

I've been traveling with clients around China. Over the past few weeks, we’ve visiting various cities and today, I’ve returned from our Royal Nanjing Jockey Club racecourse development in Nanjing.

I'm truly impressed with the incredible things happening in China today, but more importantly my clients are now convinced that China is recovering quickly from the global financial crisis.

Over the past week, we observed the current state of the Chinese economy, and let me tell you, there's no doom and gloom here. Everywhere things are buzzing with economic activity. Good restaurants are filled to the brim with patrons. Traffic on the main roads is still congested. And shopping malls are crowded with shoppers.

In addition, we're seeing new roads, buildings and stores popping up all over the place. It’s pretty obvious that Chinese consumers are spending, and business owners are profiting.

All of which is presenting incredible investment opportunities for savvy investors. Let me tell you about one right now:-

One of my clients from Hong Kong is launching Richman’s, a chain of Mega Yachts and Thoroughbred Horseracing centric international millionaires clubs.

While Richman’s is international, it still has a heavy China focus particularly in regards to horseracing. Click on the RS Management logo to the right of this page to access the informational website.

Although Richman's memberships are not as yet open to the public at the moment, a special class of 100 Chater Corporate Platinum Memberships (CCPMs) are being made available to just one hundred corporations globally.

This class of membership, limited to just one hundred corporations globally, offers all of the benefits and privileges of the Corporate Platinum Membership - like global access, multiple nominees and full salability, in addition it guarantees exclusive, long term horseracing sponsorship and racecourse advertisement rights at Richman’s China Racecourses.

The sheer size of the consumer market in China, ensures that sponsorship of horse racing and advertising at race meets is worth billions and billions of brand building dollars...and with the Richman’s Charter Corporate Membership, just 100 global corporations will be guaranteed complimentary access to this privileges.

I’m sure that the Richman’s Charter Corporate Membership is one investment no smart global corporation wants to miss out on. Contact me for further details.